The Seven Golden Rules Of A Healthy Nutrition

These recommendations are basically fundamental lines of a proper diet, how to lose weight in a healthy way:
•     Eat a variety of foods.
In this way you will receive a complete intake of vitamins, minerals, protein and  energy substances to cope with daily demands of any kind and keep your body in a good condition.      Alternate sources of protein: meat, fish and vegetables ensure a healthy lifestyle.
•     Complete diet with an exercise program.
Exercises keep you fit and in addition, will reduce the risk of hypertension, heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. Besides a diet, exercise practiced regularly, helps to keep your body healthy: heart muscle will be stronger, better blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, increase the “good” cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and keep weight under control.
•    Make a diet plan rich in whole grains, cereal-based products, vegetables and fruit.
These foods provide vitamin and mineral requirements of the body, providing a large amount of fiber and complex carbohydrates. Breakfast cereal is the full beneficial choice for a balanced diet as an important source of essential nutrients (fiber, vitamins, minerals). A consumption of fruit and vegetables protect against heart disease, cancer, cataracts and helps you keep control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels and prevent pain caused by digestive problems.
•     Eat with caution fat, especially saturated fat.
Excessive consumption of fat is a common cause of heart attack, stroke, also can promote obesity and some forms of cancer.
•      Be careful about sugar consumption!
Diets rich in sweets, especially refined sweets, have very few calories and nutrients, providing  just  “empty” calories  which will turn into fat deposits, preventing weight loss.  High sugar consumption, leads to diabetes,  obesity  and even cancer.
•    Be sensitive to salt!
Excess sodium can increase the risk of high blood pressure, eliminates calcium from the bones (emergence of osteoporosis, especially for women) and can trigger migraine headaches. Note that all vegetables, fruits and animal products contain salt in their natural state.
•     Be careful about alcohol consumption!
Alcoholic drinks generally contain many calories but few nutrients. Alcohol is a common cause of stomach disorders, liver and may lead to dependence.
If you’d  prefer to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight, you wish to possess a healthy food program, tailored to the actual of your constitution, the activity level, sex and age for a healthy lifestyle.

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